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These pendants are amazing.Created by My Sisters Art, Maker: Jaqueline Lindmark.They are a beautiful example of what can be created with some creativity some imagination and in this case some skill! The beautiful heart pendant features Victorian style scrolling with wording etched into copper that has been aged, polished and sealed with Renaissance wax. A Swarovski teardrop crystal hangs from the bottom of the heart. The texture has been etched into the metal.

They retail on Etsy, for £18.38 and they come in brass and copper. Definitely worth it, don’t you recon? More to the point, how can you create amazing jewellery like this? This product was hand etched, but you could recreate a similar texture using make shift textures, with a rolling mill. I’ll link a tutorial.

Materials Needed:

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to create different textures with a rolling mill.

Good luck, and please tell us how you got on.

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