We recently Stumbled across a blog post on Garden We thought it was a wonderful way to get your garden ready for the spring and get your dainty creative trinkets into the garden. Whether you have a herb garden on your windowsill, or a vegetable patch that could use some imagination. This idea is amazing. Check them out.

Posted by Stephanie Rose From Garden Therapy.




1. Using the permanent marker, mark small dots on the washer where you want your letters.  If you position the letters along the bottom, they will read upright when hanging.

DIY Metal Stamped Plant labels from washers

2. Don your earplugs (hearing safety first!) and put the washer on the steel block. Choose a letter stamp and position on the first dot.  Hammer hard without moving the letters out of position for about 10 strikes.  That was the magic number for me to get them deep enough.

3.  When the name is complete, colour in the newly stamped letter with the marker and then scuff off the excess with the steel wool.  This will darken the letter and help it to stand out.

4. You can either hang the washer now with some twine…

Metal Stamped Plant Tags for espalier apple tree5. …or make a stake from the metal wire for ground plants: cut a length of wire 6 inches longer than you want it to stand above the soil.  Bend the bottom of the wire with the needle-nose pliers into a v-shape.  This will create stability in the soil.

How to make Metal Stamped Plant Tags

6. Curl the top of the wire around the washer into a decorative shape, again using the needle-nose pliers.

Metal Stamped Plant Tags DIY Oregano

7. Use your plant tags to identify fruits, herbs, or just about any plant you want to remember the name of.

Metal Stamped Plant tag DIY Mint


If you like the idea of growing your own espalier fruit tree, visit your local nursery in the winter (or when they are dormant).  Since dormancy is the best time to plant a new tree the stock levels will be more available.  It will take a few years before you start getting fruit but don’t be discouraged.  When they do start to produce it’s a joy to have beautiful edibles as fences or on a trellis, to dress up a space and feed your family.  Plus they are easy to pick and prune when kept low to the ground.


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Make sure you also check out Stephanie Rose and Garden Therapy.

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