Who doesn’t love coffee? Actually quite a lot of people. Weird, weird people. I assume since you’re here you love coffee too! That’s great. We stumbled across two tutorials that when combined together… well, they could change things. Your Saturdays could be spent with the smell of the beautiful aromas found only in the depths of your favorite Starbucks. In the comfort of your own home. Maybe if you grab your speakers, put on some coffee shop background noise and dust off your french press skills you could have yourself some reasonably priced goodness!


The inspiration for the candle comes from the Starbucks Frappé.

Materials Needed:

  • Wax (soy wax or reused candle wax).

  • Color pigment or crayons. The Ann Le use’s a red pigment, but for the purpose of creating a Frappé, you can use a brown variant dependant on your candle wax. Use cautiously to get the colour you desire. You can also layer the candle to create the cream – brown colour mix.
  • Candle wicks.
  • Candle Scents, or get creative with home made scents using coffee and cocoa grounds.
  •  Pillar Shaped Candle Mould (£4.00)

This helpful tutorial should give you lots of tips and tricks on how to create your perfect Frappé. Just don’t let your guests drink it!

Video Credits: Ann Le


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