One of our customers sent us this image today.  How great is that!  Lots of our, I don’t want to upset anyone here with my choice of wording so shall I say, more mature customers remember visiting our shop on Tottenham Court Road back in the day with their fathers or brothers or uncles.  Unfortunately we no longer have this item in stock – I doubt it would get passed by the Health and Safety crew – but we have lots of other great products and we still offer free postage today!

If anyone else has any memories of Proops in Tottenham Court Road or any old articles or adverts we’d love to receive them.

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10 Comments on Proops Brothers Remembers …….

  1. My father was a cousin of the Proops brothers and we often visited the shop in Tottenham Court Road. One thing of note is they supplied and partially built the inside of the original Dr Who Tardis.

  2. I visited the shop in Tottenham Court Road but mainly did business with Syd Proops and his brother when they had the basement storage unit in Camden/Kentish Town.
    I remember it was packed to the rafters with goodies and spent weeks going through it and i must say had some fantastic deals with Syd.

    • It was a real Aladdin’s cave Terry wasn’t it? Believe it or not, we still have some stock from back in those days buried deep in the recesses of our our warehouse!

  3. I’ve kept for years the PROOPS Moire Patterns kit,and is now entertaining my grandchildren. This kit is described as ‘ A New Visual Experience, Excitement! Movement! Colour… endless fascinating variety…… I can send photo’s for your archive.

    • Good morning Nick,

      Thank you for your message. We’d love to see a photograph of the Moire Patterns Kit! How great that it is still being used. Could you please email the photograph to and with your permission we’ll pop it onto our social media pages. I’m sure lots of our customers from the Tottenham Court Road days would be interested to see it.

      Kind regards,

  4. I bought a handheld spectroscope from Proops in the 60’s, can’t remember what happened to it, but I used to examine the light from street lamps etc, just to see what coloured lines itMik produced.

  5. So happy to discover Proops are still going in some form (I did a nostalgi-google). While I was at UCL in the early 80s I was literally incapable of passing the TCR shop’s door. Even walking on the other side of the road didn’t help, it just added some spicy traffic peril to the experience.

    • Hi Tim, thanks for the comment. We love when people get in touch to tell us they remember the shop in Tottenhamcourt Road. Great to know so many people remember it fondly.

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