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A magnification lamp is an essential piece of equipment for anyone doing precision work.  These lamps illuminate and magnify to allow you to view smaller details and help reduce eye strain.  The lamps have a daylight bulb so no harsh light or distorted colours on your work either. The lamps we sell here at Proops are available in two different magnifications, 3 diopter and 5 diopter.  You can purchase the lamps either with or without a stand and you can also buy the stand and spare bulbs separately.  The lamps are priced at just £36 and £42 respectively.

These are an invaluable piece of equipment for so many different tasks for everyone from jewellers, modellers, beauticians, seamstress, dentists, or even  for small repair jobs or doing the crossword!  Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our reviews. Lamps are available on all of our selling sites.  Follow the link below the photographs to take you directly to the page on our Website.



Great lamp / magnifier. cheapest and best of all the lamps I looked at available on Amazon at the time. Very sturdy perfect balance and flexibility. Absolute bargain at around £42 compared to similar ones.

Great Lamp

Very pleased with this lamp. I’m a mobile beauty therapist and I use it mainly for lashes as the light in people’s houses can be shocking. It clamps on to my couch, it’s lightweight and because it has a daylight bulb I can place it directly over my clients face without causing them any discomfort. Would recommend this product.

Five Stars

Excellent product for what I need. Scale modelling and electronics.

 So much better than I expected!

This is a hefty piece of kit but once clamped to the table, unlike so many anglepoise-type lamps, it can be extended, swung, raised and their reverse to every mm in between. And the light needs its own praise, bright white, takes a second to come on, but it’s excellent
Which brings me onto the magnifying element: No more screwing the eyes (how does that help anyhow????) just pull down in front of you, flip the lid and the dust free lens instantly illuminates that hard to find splinter, and the removal operation is so much easier too, with the full cooperation of the patient… providing they are allowed a glimpse now and then.
Since then it’s been used for mending clothes, a watch, glasses, as well as tying good knots for fishing, reading the small print and a bit of soldering.
We have this permanently assembled, wouldn’t want to keep fixing it up for a special task, and there’s a good firm base for the clamp – a flimsy side table wouldn’t be enough.
It is just fit for purpose, and an excellent price too
And it arrived VERY quickly


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


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