Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I know, I know its still only November but it seems to get foisted on us earlier and earlier each year by the supermarkets and department stores.  I have already seen the eagerly anticipated Christmas adverts for most of the big stores and negotiated my way passed the miles (okay slight exaggeration here) of aisles of wrapping paper, cards and decorations in the local Co-op just to pick up some bread or milk.  Is it any wonder we get a little jaded and fed up by the time the day itself arrives.

I know I am sounding more than a little like the Grinch who stole Christmas and I’m truly not, I absolutely love Christmas…. the decorations, the food, the atmosphere, the presents. What I don’t enjoy is the crush of frantic people loading their trolleys with every loaf of bread in the shop just in case they run out in the one day that the shop actually closes or practically body slamming me out of the way to grab that jumper or scarf they just have to have for their loved ones. I also don’t enjoy having to perform a striptease in every shop I go into because otherwise I’m likely to pass out from heat exhaustion in my layers of thermals and woollies before I make it through the cosmetic counters, since I’ve dressed for the freezing temperatures outside and not the tropical temperatures inside.  It’s the one time of year that online shopping is truly a blessing and once I have all the big or difficult to carry presents nailed and delivered to the door, I can enjoy wandering around the Christmas markets with a cup of mulled wine picking up little extras for everyone without any pressure and then I stop feeling like the Grinch and start feeling like Mrs Santa Claus (I even have the outfit!!).

If you are looking for tools for gifts, we will be processing orders right up until the Friday before Christmas with deliveries until Saturday 23rd (though we are in the hands of Royal Mail and the courier here) and our standard no quibble returns applies to anything you buy so if it turns out it’s not the perfect present for them or they already have one, it can be returned to us for a full refund or exchange.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.





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