Are you planning a spring wedding?  We have some great ideas which may be of interest to you.  Our little storage tins are perfect for wedding favours.  These could be filled with lovehearts or mints and decorated and customised using ribbons, labels, dried flowers, stamped metal hearts or any range of individual designs to make them completely personal.  The tins are aluminium and available with both clear and solid lids.  You could also make little scented candles in them and again customise to suit your own style and taste.


Floral decorations could be made using our new heart shaped wreath ring.  These would look lovely decorating your venue.  Fresh or artificial flowers could be used in any colour.  These are simple to make and so pretty.

What about a floral wreath ring as an alternative to a traditional flower posy for the flower girls to carry?  We have made the above one using two of our macrame rings with some dried flowers and ribbons.


We’ve also put our macrame rods to use as invitation scrolls.  Design and print your invitation, glue each end to a macrame rod, roll them up and tie with a pretty ribbon.  The rods could be sprayed gold, silver or any other colour to match your chosen colour scheme.

We are working or some more ideas for table decorations so pop back and have a look.  Have you used our tools or products to make anything for a wedding or party?  We’d love to see, tag us in your designs.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


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