Month: June 2019

A Blast from the Past and a Visual Treat



One of our customers sent us these photographs of Moire Patterns which were a Proops product from the 1970s.  Nick, our customer used these with an overhead projector to send moving coloured patterns to the backdrop of his rock band – how cool is that!  He told us “The roadie loved this, as he could have a beer and watch us perform while the patterns changed”.  Nick’s children and grandchildren have also enjoyed using these over the years.  How great to hear how these were used and that they are still in use today.  Certainly made to last!

We love to hear your stories of the Proops products over the years, we certainly sold some unusual things. Lots of our customers reminisce about the Tottenham Court Road days and though we are no longer in the same location, our ethos and service remains the same.  Our warehouse in Leicestershire still has some of the original stock from back in those days and we have long been a go-to for those tools you just can’t find anywhere else.

If you have any memories you’d like to share, we love you to get in touch.

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Bag Handles

I finally got some time to get my sewing machine set up and get a little crafting done.  I had some black leather material which I though would be great as a bag using our wood effect round bag handles.








I had an idea of the shape I was looking to create and having made a cardboard template of the pieces I would need, I set to work.  The leather was easier to work with than I expected it to be and for a first attempt, I’m pretty pleased with the result. The brown wood effect handles are a nice contrast to the black leather but we do have lots of other sizes, shapes and colours of bag handles available.

Here are some other examples of bags we have made with our range of handles:

Our range of long bag handles.


We’d love to see any bags you have made using our handles.

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