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Baking craft. Creative aspects of baking. Stay away from the ordinary bland non colourful cookies, get creative and get inspired to make some awesome treats for your family and friends. Bake cookies, scones, gingerbread men, cakes, shortbread, macaroons, pastry, muffins and all the other goodies. But, of course they taste better creative.

Pastry Dough Scrapers


I’m hoping to get some time for a little baking this weekend with plans to make some pies and bread.  I will definitely be using these great pastry/dough scrapers to make the job easier.

Our scrapers are made from stiff plastic so they wont mark your work surfaces.  There is enough flexibility in the plastic to contour to the side of the bowl but they are firm enough to scrape and move the pastry or dough easily.  These hardwearing scrapers are practical, easy to clean and are available in three shapes and two colours. (For retailers and schools we can supply larger quantities in specific colours to suit your needs.)  We also have stacking bowls, star and gingerbread man/woman cutters on our website – why not pop over and have a look.

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Superhero Gingerbread Cookies



Mmmm gingerbread men! Why not get creative in the kitchen and turn regular gingerbread men into superheroes. We found a recipe from Just Imagine and we thought we would spice up their men and women by making them heroes and heroines. Michelle from SugarSwings inspired us to add a unique twist and design something children will love.

With a little help of our products you can be well on your way creating these hero cookies.