Yesterday I was searching the kitchen drawer for a knife to use for carving the pumpkins for Halloween when I had a thought that our wood chip carving knives would be perfect for the job.  So the pumpkins came to work with me this morning so I could test the knives out. The girls in the office and I got busy and creative and we found that these were indeed the perfect tool to use.  The blade length is ideal and the handles are comfortable and easy to hold, certainly much easier to use than the kitchen carving knife!  Have a look for yourself at our efforts and see what you think. (I also used some copper wire to attach the teeth and we found that our goose neck shaped scraper was the perfect tool to scrape out the inside of the pumpkin – just one of the many benefits of working at Proops is you have access to lots of tools.)

(Please ignore all the clutter on my desk – I always have about 10 products lying around at once!)

pumpkin4 pumpkin5 pumpkin7  pumpkin17

pumpkin13 pumpkin12 pumpkin21 pumpkin22

And, the finished pumpkins:


Of course, these lovely knives are also perfect for wood whittling and carving and being carbon steel and Sheffield made they are guaranteed to last.  Our set of three gives you a straight, a curved and a skewed blade – great for all sorts of detail. We also sell them individually.

What we used:

Chip Carving Knives, Free pumpkin patterns, mixing bowls, brass wire, wood cabinet goose neck scraper.

Please be careful, these knives are very sharp and are definitely not suitable for children to use.


Thanks for stopping by. Happy carving.