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About time …..


Are you a time-keeper? I rarely ever wear a watch these days for the purposes of telling time.  I wear watches more as a piece of jewellery when I am going out.  I usually use my phone for checking the time or there is always a clock around, though these days watches can do everything from keeping track of your steps to notifiying you of your emails and text messages so keeping track of the time is just a bonus!

If you are a watch or clock enthusiast we’ve got you covered, as well as more general jewellery tools and modelling tools, we have a range of specific tools for clock and watchmakers available in our shop.  Why not pop over and take a look.

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Visit from The Old Clock Club

Rowley’s Time Clock, 1890-1900


We had a visit at the end of last week from The Old Clock Club, Earl Shilton.  We began the evening with a hot drink and a browse around Proops shop while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Around 18 members of the Club came along for the evening.

The members were given a tour of the Linic factory and tool room with a stop off first to look at our very own old clock – a Rowley’s Time Clock dating from 1890-1900.


Lewis, our Shift Supervisor, explained the processes of the different machines in the factory and answered questions from the Club members.  It was interesting to hear the exchange of knowledge from such a diverse skill set, with many members having engineering backgrounds.

Following the factory tour, we returned to Proops shop for coffee and mince pies and a chance for the Club members to stock up on tools.

The Old Clock Club meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month in Elmersthorpe Village Hall. They describe themselves as “a social club for those having an interest in old clocks and watches” and members of the Club range from beginners to the more knowledgeable.  Each meeting has a speaker and/or a demonstration and there are usually a few trips to places of horological interest throughout the year.  Just some of the events planned in 2018 are a Victorian Lantern Show, a talk on Carriage Clocks and a Club outing to the BHI museum.  The Club welcomes anyone with an interest in clocks and watches.

We would like to thank the members of the Club for coming along, we very much enjoyed meeting them.  We would also like to thank them for their kind donation to Nic’s Charity Concert in aid of Loros.

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