I love the idea of giving something personal and individual at Christmas and I think hand-made Christmas cards are a great way to do this.  I have found some wonderful hand-made cards made using the art of paper quilling which I have added to our pinterest board.  Quilling has been around for hundreds of years and has become very popular again in recent times.  It is not an expensive hobby as the list of items you need to get started is minimal – a quilling tool, paper, glue, some cutting implements and patience.  Designs can be very detailed or relatively simple and the 3-D designs that quilling produces are perfect for personalising hand-made greeting cards, as well as lots of other things.  This is a great way to pass some of the time spent indoors during the damp, cold days of autumn and by Christmas card posting time you will have a stack of beautiful, individual cards all ready to send to your friends and family.

As always, we’d love to see some of your designs or any tips you can share for those new to quilling.

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