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Woodburing, the art or process of burning a design usually on wood or leather especially with an electrically heated tool. The most creative work that we have ever seen has come out of our pyrography customer community. Working with all different types of wood and sometimes other materials, woodburning can make ordinary items such as your cutting boards and wooden spoons look amazingly unique. The best accessory for your style.

Burning Ambition



I thought I might have a little look at pyrography this week.  Pyrography, also known as wood burning, is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks from a heated object. This form of art has been around practically since fire itself when early man used the charred embers from their fires to draw.  Modern techniques are a little more refined, usually done using a burner similar in design to a soldering iron.  The brass tip is heated by electricity and it is possible to vary the colour of ‘burn’ to create a range of tones and shades for more intricate designs.  Almost any kind of wood can be used as well as leather, though you should not use woods and leathers which have been treated with chemicals as they may release toxins when the heat is applied.

If you are looking for a new hobby, pyrography is inexpensive and easy to learn.  Once you have your ‘Pen’, all you need is some wood and a design.  If like me you lack a little in drawing skills, there are lots of free printable designs available on the internet which can be transferred onto the wood using tracing or carbon paper.  As a beginner it is probably best to use a more basic design at first.  There are lots of YouTube tutorials available and plenty of design inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram.  This is a great way to create individual items for the garden, home and gifts.

We have a few pyrography kits available on our website.  Pop over and have a look.  As always, we’d love to see your creations or hear any tips you may have for anyone new to this area of design.

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Engraved Hangers

These pretty engraved hangers by WillowGraceBridal will serve as a great reminder of the day for your bridesmaids.

They could also make for a pretty special bridesmaid reveal. Check out how to make them.



This is such a great way to make your day extra special. You could produce your own personalised hangers with our products.

What you will need:

  • Wooden Hangers
  • A Pencil
  • A Pyrography Kit
  • A Date, Bridesmaids, and Preferably a Partner (or a tree – apparently we live in that time)


Reclaiming wooden furniture with fire!

How many old horrible dressing tables, coffee tables and other old fashioned pieces of furniture do you have lying around? Personally, I haven’t one… But I know where to pick one up! (Runs to the charity shop).


What a great idea. Kendra Ochal from Buffalo, NY creates her furniture with heart and soul. “Everything you see is me. Love it or hate it; it’s every feeling and emotion poured into each item made”. Her shop KengCreations on Etsy has lots of wonderful creations to explore through. She also takes custom orders.

Why not upgrade one of your own awful old dressers to give your room a new lease of life?

What you’ll need:

  • Pyrography Kit, with 14 different tips for different shading and burning techniques.
  • An old piece of wooden furniture.
  • A Pencil, for the first draft (Unless you’re awesome and can do it by eye).


Wax Paper Transferring.

Free hand is great, and we have seen some amazing bone burning and wood burning styles that wow us. But if your new to this, transferring your designs onto your wood to work around can be an easy way to keep your pattern/picture tidy.

We found a great tutorial from Unexpected Elegance on how to flip, and then transfer an image using wax paper and an ink jet printer. Give it a try, then let us know how you got on!