Northhampton Society of Model Engineers Club Visit


Last night we attended the Northampton Society of Model Engineers club meeting to give a little talk about the history of Proops and to take along some of our tools.  We were met by Andrew with a welcoming cup of tea and after unloading the car and setting up we spent some time chatting with the members before the presentation got underway.


The club has over 100 members and is situated in Delapre Park, which is around 800 acres of beautiful parkland in Northampton. The park has a miniature railway which is owned and maintained by the Northampton Model Engineers Society. A regular group of around 20 members meet on a Tuesday evening and a Sunday morning although the clubhouse is used most days.  A lot of the club activities are centred around railways of 7¼”, 5″ and 3½” gauge plus 32 mm and 45 mm gauge railways, however, the society embraces all branches of model engineering, including model traction engines, boats, stationary engines and clocks. No area of model engineering is excluded including the tools and equipment used in model engineering.

Public running days for the steam train start on May Bank Holiday Monday each year and continue monthly on the first Sunday of the month until October and is open from 14.00 – 1700. The trains are pulled by steam, petrol or battery powered model locomotives. Most of the model locomotives are based on modern and historic full size locomotives. Entry to the park itself is free and there is a small charge for rides on the train.


We had a lovely evening finding out a little more about the Model Engineers and discussing the tools they use. As we don’t attend many Model Engineering shows now, it was nice to reconnect with some of the people we had seen in past years at these events. Some of them have been buying from Proops since it’s days in Tottenham Court Road… now that’s loyal customers – we must be doing something right!

Our thanks to the Northampton Society of Model Engineers for inviting us along.

If you live near to Northampton do pop along to the park in the spring and check out the miniature railway, it’s well worth a visit.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.



Story of a Candle Mould

I think most of you know by now that we design and manufacture all our candle moulds on site here at our parent company Linic Plastics but I thought you might like a little insight into the process, so today’s post is the story of our latest candle mould from design through production to the warehouse shelves ready for dispatch.  Our latest design is for a 12 pattern, Christmas theme wax melt mould.

Richard, our designer, has worked with the company for 22 years. He designs all the moulds that we make.  Richard takes the idea for the new candle and begins with a series of pencil sketches of the mould.  He transfers these 2-D sketches onto CAD to make a 3-D image.


Richard working on the candle mould design.


The finished designs go to Gary, our Toolroom Manager who uses them to make the tooling for the mould.  This involves milling and shaping aluminium on a CNC machine.


Gary at the milling machine                                  The finished aluminium mould.  


The next step is the manufacturing process where the aluminium mould is used to form the polypropelene moulds.

The polypropelene moulds being made.


And the final stage in the process, the finished moulds are passed along to our warehouse ready for dispatch.

The wax melt mould is now available to buy on our Website.

I hope you found this little look behind the scenes interesting.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.



Shining a Light on our Product of the Week – Magnification Lamps


V5100                                               V5200

A magnification lamp is an essential piece of equipment for anyone doing precision work.  These lamps illuminate and magnify to allow you to view smaller details and help reduce eye strain.  The lamps have a daylight bulb so no harsh light or distorted colours on your work either. The lamps we sell here at Proops are available in two different magnifications, 3 diopter and 5 diopter.  You can purchase the lamps either with or without a stand and you can also buy the stand and spare bulbs separately.  The lamps are priced at just £36 and £42 respectively.

These are an invaluable piece of equipment for so many different tasks for everyone from jewellers, modellers, beauticians, seamstress, dentists, or even  for small repair jobs or doing the crossword!  Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at some of our reviews. Lamps are available on all of our selling sites.  Follow the link below the photographs to take you directly to the page on our Website.



Great lamp / magnifier. cheapest and best of all the lamps I looked at available on Amazon at the time. Very sturdy perfect balance and flexibility. Absolute bargain at around £42 compared to similar ones.

Great Lamp

Very pleased with this lamp. I’m a mobile beauty therapist and I use it mainly for lashes as the light in people’s houses can be shocking. It clamps on to my couch, it’s lightweight and because it has a daylight bulb I can place it directly over my clients face without causing them any discomfort. Would recommend this product.

Five Stars

Excellent product for what I need. Scale modelling and electronics.

 So much better than I expected!

This is a hefty piece of kit but once clamped to the table, unlike so many anglepoise-type lamps, it can be extended, swung, raised and their reverse to every mm in between. And the light needs its own praise, bright white, takes a second to come on, but it’s excellent
Which brings me onto the magnifying element: No more screwing the eyes (how does that help anyhow????) just pull down in front of you, flip the lid and the dust free lens instantly illuminates that hard to find splinter, and the removal operation is so much easier too, with the full cooperation of the patient… providing they are allowed a glimpse now and then.
Since then it’s been used for mending clothes, a watch, glasses, as well as tying good knots for fishing, reading the small print and a bit of soldering.
We have this permanently assembled, wouldn’t want to keep fixing it up for a special task, and there’s a good firm base for the clamp – a flimsy side table wouldn’t be enough.
It is just fit for purpose, and an excellent price too
And it arrived VERY quickly


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


Proops through the decades

I thought I might share a little of the background of Proops with you on the blog this week.

Way back in 1946 members of the Proops family opened a shop on Tottenham Court Road, close to the major London shopping district.  They traded in War Surplus items as well as many other clearance or job lot lines.  The principal products were medical equipment and ‘technical’ items from aircraft such as instrumentation and electrical components.  The shop also traded in radio spares, surplus engineering and woodworking tools.  In the late 1980s Proops was bought by the current owner, Nic Burdett who has built it into a thriving company of ‘everything useful’ for hobby and modelling enthusiasts.  Buying a vast array of tools and equipment, sourcing redundant lines of quality tools and designing and manufacturing craft and hobby products under the name of the sister company Linic Products, Nic has been at the heart of this family business in Fleckney, Leicestershire for over 25 years.

Nic in the late 1980s

For many years I sold Proops products in Australia where I lived until 2007 when I moved back to the UK to join the family business and help bring Proops into the 21st Century.  Adapting to changing market requirements and opportunities has been reflected in the growing product range of jewellery making tools and a greater online presence originally through our Website and Ebay and now also on Etsy and Amazon.


I’m sure some of you will remember our product catalogue but does anyone remember the Proops 1965 Science Catalogue?

We have survived a fire which destroyed part of the Linic factory and resulted in the street being evacuated!  This area was rebuilt and for a few years housed Proops until two years ago when we moved again into our own warehouse providing a much larger shop for our ever growing range of tools and where you can browse at your leisure.

Throughout the years we have always endeavoured to offer outstanding value for money and a great service.  We aim for most orders to go out the same day we receive them and we still offer free UK postage and a no quibble returns.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little more about us here at Proops.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.



New Rolling Mills


Code: J2061                                               Code: J2062


Just a quick extra blog this week to tell you about our two new rolling mills, just arrived in stock.  We only have five of each of these so for the moment we are only listing them on our Website.

Click on the links to check the spec and more photographs.


Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.




We’ve been getting crafty in Proops again and making some candles using our candle moulds.  We get asked occasionally the best way to use the moulds to stop the wax leaking and the candle sticking, so I plan to put together a little video of the process (and to show you that experienced candle makers can get it wrong sometimes too, I may even post a little bloopers video of how not to do it).

I’m sure I’ve told you all before that I like to give something personal to my nearest and dearest for special occasions and I had a thought of using our push lid solid aluminium storage tins  to make some scented tealight candles.  These could be personalised with labels for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween or any other occasion you can think of and at £3.50 for a pack of three they won’t break the bank either. We will also be listing these in larger quantities.  I plan on making some seasonal scented candles in them for my friends and family, personalised with some lovely individual labels for Christmas.  Of course, you could customise these cute little pots for other gifts too – they are the perfect size for earrings or cufflinks.  Have you used any of our products in a way which we haven’t thought of? We’d love to hear your ideas.

All our candle moulds are designed and made right here at our factory and our designer, Richard, has been working on some new candle mould designs for us, so keep checking the New Arrivals section or the Candle Mould section on the website for the latest designs.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week.






I spend a lot of my weekends up in County Durham and one of my favourite places to go is Seaham beach.  Until the 1920s Seaham had one of the largest glass bottle works in Britain and during its days of glass bottles production, any waste glass was dumped into the North Sea.  This glass regularly washes up on the beach with the tide and after years of being tumbled smooth by the waves it leaves these beautiful glass pebbles on the sand.  Every time I go for a walk along the beach I pick some up and as I now have quite a large collection and a little more free time I thought I’d have a go a making some jewellery with it.  I have been having a look for inspiration and techniques on Pinterest and Youtube.  I would also love any advice from any of our customers, so if any of you have tried this yourselves I’d love to hear from you or see your creations.


I’ll keep you posted how I get on.


Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


Seasons Greetings



To all our lovely customers and blog readers we at Proops Brothers would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous, peaceful New Year.


Thanks for stopping by.  See you in 2017.



Proops Brothers Remembers …….


One of our customers sent us this image today.  How great is that!  Lots of our, I don’t want to upset anyone here with my choice of wording so shall I say, more mature customers remember visiting our shop on Tottenham Court Road back in the day with their fathers or brothers or uncles.  Unfortunately we no longer have this item in stock – I doubt it would get passed by the Health and Safety crew – but we have lots of other great products and we still offer free postage today!

If anyone else has any memories of Proops in Tottenham Court Road or any old articles or adverts we’d love to receive them.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day.



Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher£50ForWeb


If you have a special someone to buy for who loves crafts or modelling or even just collects tools why not give them a Proops Brothers gift voucher. Vouchers are available to buy in denominations of £10, £20, £50, £100 or £200 and can be used as payment or part payment for any order placed online, by telephone or for items bought in our shop. So why not take the guess work out of trying to find something they really want or don’t already have and let them choose for themselves from our huge range of products.

Gift Voucher

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