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Small Macrame / Craft Rings


Our latest product is a set of 8 small macrame / craft rings.  Made from plastic in a brown colour, they are perfect for all kinds of projects. The sizes are:

– 12mm diameter (3mm thick)
– 16mm diameter (3mm thick)
– 20mm diameter (3.5mm thick)
– 25mm diameter (4mm thick)
– 30mm diameter (4mm thick)
– 35mm diameter (4mm thick)
– 40mm diameter (4.5mm thick)
– 45mm diameter (4.5mm thick)

We have made a few things with them.  These macrame earrings look great.


Or what about for keychains:


Great for little hanging rings on smaller projects:

These are now available on our website.  The product code is S7850.  Don’t forget to tag us in your posts if you use these to make anything, we’d love to see your creations.

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Looking for something to keep the kids occupied during half-term?  We have lots of craft ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages if you are looking for some inspiration.  From baking to weaving and bag making to dreamcatchers, our wreath rings, bag handles, weaving looms and pastry scrapers are great for all sorts of crafting projects.  What about making some candles or wax melts with them?  We have a few beginners kits which contain everything you need to get started.  Our Weaving Looms also come with easy to follow instructions so all you need is wool and you are ready to go.  Or what about some of our coloured macrame rings to use in ‘make your own games’.  These would be great for hoopla and sorting games.  Our round candle moulds are brilliant for making bird feeders – make a few of these to hang in the garden then set them up with a picnic, some binoculars and some paper and pencils to make notes of the birds that come to the garden. (We have posted a homemade bird fat ball recipe if you need one, see our Instagram or Facebook pages or check our earlier blogs.)

We’d love to see what you use our craft supplies for, during half-term or any other time, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook or send us some photos.

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Our wreath rings are so versatile.  These rings are available in round and heart shapes and are made from durable plastic which can be re-used time and again so you can change to match your decor or the season.  The round ring is 12″ in diameter and comes in two colours, green and brown. The heart shape is 8″ and available in white or brown.  Have a look on our Instagram and Facebook pages for some seasonal inspiration.








The great thing about making your own is that you will have something completely unique, so why not get creative and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or send us a photo of your finished wreath, we’d love to see and share what you’ve made.

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Macrame Owl

This cute macrame owl was made by Leah in our office.  Leah is our resident expert on macrame and has made some lovely designs using our rings and rods.  These feature on our Instagram and Facebook pages to showcase the rings and rods we make and to give our customers some inspiration if they are new to macrame.  We have a large range of macrame rings and other shapes including hearts and geometric shapes as well as the rods which are available in different sets and sizes.

Have you made any macrame using our rings or rods? Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see your designs.

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Spring Weddings


Are you planning a spring wedding?  We have some great ideas which may be of interest to you.  Our little storage tins are perfect for wedding favours.  These could be filled with lovehearts or mints and decorated and customised using ribbons, labels, dried flowers, stamped metal hearts or any range of individual designs to make them completely personal.  The tins are aluminium and available with both clear and solid lids.  You could also make little scented candles in them and again customise to suit your own style and taste.


Floral decorations could be made using our new heart shaped wreath ring.  These would look lovely decorating your venue.  Fresh or artificial flowers could be used in any colour.  These are simple to make and so pretty.

What about a floral wreath ring as an alternative to a traditional flower posy for the flower girls to carry?  We have made the above one using two of our macrame rings with some dried flowers and ribbons.


We’ve also put our macrame rods to use as invitation scrolls.  Design and print your invitation, glue each end to a macrame rod, roll them up and tie with a pretty ribbon.  The rods could be sprayed gold, silver or any other colour to match your chosen colour scheme.

We are working or some more ideas for table decorations so pop back and have a look.  Have you used our tools or products to make anything for a wedding or party?  We’d love to see, tag us in your designs.

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Macrame Halloween Projects

Autumn has arrived and with it colder days and darker evenings. It’s the perfect time of year to get cosy and crafty indoors and with Halloween approaching our thoughts here at Proops have turned to all things black and orange. Now I have to confess my macrame skills aren’t the best, but I did find these brilliant Halloween themed macramé crafts on macramelovers.com, along with lots of other ideas, patterns and tips for macrame projects.

Macrame Halloween jewelry from “This Year’s Dozen”



We have a range of different sized macrame rings available in our shop for all your macrame projects. We’d love to see what you make.


Have a great week and happy crafting.




Halloween Craft

Macrame Craft