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Wire Wrapping


I have seen some lovely jewellery made using wire wrapping techniques recently.  Here at Proops we stock lots of tools for wire wrapping and also brass, copper, gold plated and silver plated wire in various lengths and thicknesses.  We even have a wire wrapping kit which contains a few essentials if you are just starting out.  Why not pop over to our website and have a look.

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The Different Types and Uses of Jewellery Pliers.

Jewellery Pliers! There’s such a huge range to choose, with a variety of different uses. Emma at Make and Fable posted a great tutorial to explain the different types and styles of pliers. Make sure to show her site site some love and check out some of her other posts if you find this helpful.

Which jewellery making pliers do I need

There is an every increasing amount of different pliers available to help you in your jewellery making exploits, but when starting out, which do you really need?