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Carving Chisel & Gouge Sharpening Jig for Arc Shape Blades. W8065

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  • Carving chisel and gouge sharpening jig/honing guide for arc shaped blades.  
  • This is a unique invention for sharpening the curved edge of chisels and gouges.
  • Designed by a keen wood carver in Australia but made here in the UK by our parent company Linic Plastics Ltd.
  • The chisel blade is locked into the jig by the tightening screw in the inner part of the jig.  The inner part can rotate as it runs up and down a sharpening stone creating a consistent angle and smooth curve.
  • The jig comes with a base guide so that chisels can be set to an exact angle. The wheels of the jig fit in the curved ribs of the base plate and with a chisel only loosely fitted in the jig it can be pushed through until the chisel point reaches the 20 degree line. Tighten the screw of the sharpening jig to secure the chisel firmly. It can then be sharpened on a stone at that angle. If a different angle is preferred there is the option of going through the same process to set the angle at 15 or 25 degrees.
  • Simple but very effective!
  • Chisel and sharpening stone are not included, these are for illustration purposes only.
EAN: 5021954720467
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