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Carving Chisel & Gouge Sharpening Jig for Arc Shape Blades. W8065

Our Price: £9.95
  • Carving chisel and gouge sharpening jig/honing guide for arc shaped blades.  
  • This is a unique invention for sharpening the curved edge of chisels and gouges.
  • Designed by a keen wood carver in Australia but made here in the UK by our parent company Linic Plastics Ltd.
  • The chisel blade is locked into the jig by the tightening screw in the inner part of the jig.  The inner part can rotate as it runs up and down a sharpening stone creating a consistent angle and smooth curve.
  • The jig comes with a base guide so that chisels can be set to an exact angle.
  • Simple but very effective!
  • Chisel and sharpening stone are not included, these are for illustration purposes only.
EAN: 5021954720467
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