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Magnifying Lamp Light 5 Diopter. Daylight Bulb. Perfect for Beauty, Craft, Hobby, Dental etc. V5200

Our Price: £40.00
  • This Magnifying Lamp is of extremely high quality and a top seller throughout the country. Popular with beautians hobbyists, jewellers, opticians, model makers and many more besides. This is a must for precision work of all descriptions.
  • Spare bulbs are available in our shop.
  • Lens measures 125mm DIA and the reach of the arm is over 3 foot comes with a day light bulb so no shadows.
  • The lens is perspex.
  • Attaches to the table with a universal clamp, making it portable and versatile .
  • Yes spare bulbs are listed for this item, look for the bulb that looks like a large doughnut. Magnification Chart DIOPTER TOTAL 1 POWER TOTAL 2 POWER FOCAL LENGTH" DIOPTER TOTAL 1 POWER TOTAL 2 POWER FOCAL LENGTH" 1 0.25 1.25 40.00 2 0.50 1.50 20.00 3 0.75 1.75 13.33 4 1.00 2.00 10.00 5 1.25 2.25 8.00 6 1.50 2.50 6.67 7 1.75 2.75 5.71 8 2.00 3.00 5.00 How strong is your existing magnifier?
  • To determine the diopter value, place a piece of paper with writing under the magnifier, move it away until it’s out of focus, and bring it back in until it just goes back in focus. Then measure the distance (in inches) from the center of the lens to the paper, and divide that distance into the number 40. The result is the diopter of the magnifier. The 25% Rule
  • Each diopter number increases the apparent size of a magnified object by 25%. As an example, if you want to view something twice as big as it is, you would need to increase it 100%, or four 25% increments. Each diopter will give you one 25% increment. Therefore, you would need a 4 diopter lens.
EAN: 5021954609694
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