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Melting Furnace Crucible, 3kg, BUDGET & 15" Crucible Tongs Set. J2476

Our Price: £42.17
  • This set contains a 3kg melting furnace crucible for melting non ferrous metals together with a pair of flask tongs.
  • The crucible has a pouring notch and a groove running around the top outer edge.  PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER THAT THESE TONGS DO NOT FIT INTO THE GROOVE.  You can still use the tongs by gripping under the crucible lip with them - see photograph.
    • Molten gold capacity of 3000g 
    • Measurements (approx) :
      • Top outside diameter: 75mm
      • Bottom outside diameter : 60mm
      • Top inside diameter: 55mm
      • Overall external height :142mm
      • Internal height : 120mm
    • The weight of the crucible is approx 400g.
    • This is a budget crucible made from graphite material and will be good for a limited number of melts (depending on usage).
    • Bent formed steel tongs, 36cm or 15" long.
    • They are ideal to grasp hot crucibles and flasks (standard safety precautions should always be taken when handling hot materials - wear hand and face protection!)
    • Weight 280gms.
  • Proops Brothers Ltd have been serving this industry for over 80 years.
EAN: 5021954725356

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