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Set of 8 Highly Polished Steel Double Ended Forming Stakes, Synclastic, Anticlastic. J2126

Our Price: £153.90
  • Here we have another great set from Proops Brothers Ltd.
  • Set of 8 double ended forming stakes.
  • This set includes the following:
1). Combination Stake: 3 small sinusoidal waves & 2 large sinusoidal waves
2). Anticlastic/Synclastic Stake: 5 anticlastic grooves & 5 synclastic curves
3). Large Diameter Anticlastic Stake: 3 small anticlastic grooves & 2 large anticlastic grooves
4). Synclastic Stake: 3 small synclastic curves & 2 large synclastic curves
5). Small Diameter Anticlastic Stake: 4 anticlastic grooves & 4 anticlastic grooves
6). Large Sinusoidal stake: Double ended large sinusoidal waves
7). Ring Mandrel Stake: Double ended ring 17.5 to 14.5mm on one end and 24 to 19mm on the other.
8). Small Sinusoidal Ring Stake: Double ended small sinusoidal stake
  • All of these stakes measure approximately 9" in length and are made of hardened steel.
  • These stakes allow you to form both synclastic and anticlastic shapes.
  • The hexagonal shape of the center of each forming tool can be gripped by a bench vise.
  • A vertical stake vice is the best type of vice to use with these stakes as it provides the most secure hold, preventing the stake from moving vertically, as can happen with a standard vice. We have these available on our website.
  • Proops Brothers have been serving this industry for over 80 years.
EAN: 5021954724502

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