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Sewing Tools, Threader Tools, Corner Shaper, Seam Gauges, Individual or as a Set. S7896

Sewing Tools, Threader Tools, Corner Shaper, Seam Gauges, Individual or as a Set. S7896

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  • Here we have another fantastic product from Proops Brothers Ltd.
  • Designed, tooled and manufactured here in Fleckney, Leicestershire by our parent company Linic Plastics Ltd.
  • Useful sewing tools, available to purchase individually or as a set of 5, please see descriptions below: 
  • (The elastic threaders are a set of 2 - one large and one small).  
  • Three colour options : pink, white OR blue (please note, photographs show all colours available, you will ONLY receive the colour you select).
  • Set of 2 Elastic Threaders
    • One large and one small threader suitable for elastic, tape, ribbon, cord etc. Can also be used for paper weaving.  
    • The threaders have two openings with serrated edges to grip the elastic, tape, etc 
    • Makes it easy to thread the elastic, ribbon, tape etc through a channel.
    • Made from plastic with smooth rounded ends so will not damage your fabric or ribbon.
    • Dimensions (approx)
    • Large - Width of opening : 15mm, Overall length : 145mm, Overall width : 18m tapering down to 9mm.
    • Small - Width of opening : 7mm, Overall length : 111mm, Overall width : 12mm tapering down to 5mm.
  • Sliding Measuring Gauge
    • Plastic T-shaped sliding sewing gauge. 
    • Clear easy to read measurements : centimeters along one edge, inches along the other.
    • Use to mark out fabric quickly and accurately for seam allowances, button holes, etc.
    • Also great for paper craft.
    • Overall Length : 168mm approx
    • Overall width : 18mm approx
  • Seam / Button Hole Measuring Gauge
    • Handy plastic gauge for sewing and knitting.
    • Useful for measuring hems, button holes, seam allowances, etc with perfect spacing every time.
    • Clear, easy to read measurements.
    • Inches along one edge, centimeters along the other.  
    • Overall length 148mm approx.
    • Overall width 38mm approx.
  • Corner and Edge Shaper
    • Plastic tool with a rounded tip which allows you to shape sharp, crisp corners and rounded edges when fabric is turned the right way after being sewn inside out.
    • Use the edge of the tool to flatten seams.
    • Also useful as a folding tool for paper, card and felt projects too.
    • Overall length : 150mm approx
    • Overall width : 26mm tapering to a rounded point.
  • We manufacture a range of craft / diy supplies in our Leicestershire factory.  Please see our other craft listings.
EAN: 5021954723864

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