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UK Wood Carving Chisels with Tang - Various Shapes. W8074

UK Wood Carving Chisels with Tang - Various Shapes. W8074

Type of Chisel

Our Price: £2.25
  • Here we have another fantastic little find at Proops Brothers Ltd.
  • These were found in deep in our warehouse.
  • Made in Sheffield, England.
  • The chisels are approx 125mm long with tang. The blade is fixed to a handle by the tang. Please note these are not supplied with handles.
  • 4 types to choose from, 1 straight edge bent back, 1 skew, 1 straight:
    • Shape A : straight edge bent back chisel, 12mm edge
    • Shape B : straight chisel, 11mm edge
    • Shape C : fishtail chisel 12mm edge, tapered blade allows access to areas that would be impossible to reach with a straight-sided gouge.
    • Shape D : skew edge chisel 11mm edge, angled blade allows you to cut into an area where access is limited 
  • Select shape required, or as a set of 4.
  • Ideal for carpenters, carvers, artists and many other professions.
  • Proops Brothers Ltd have been serving this industry for over 80 years. 
  • Please have a look at our shop for some unique tools at fantastic prices.
EAN: 5021954724700
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